One other thing I learned from the Florian's talk last week-end is anyRemote . It can be used to control your Linux laptop (or the application started on your Linux laptop/desktop) , like for example OpenOffice Impress from your mobile phone (over IR/bluetooth/WiFi) . Of course that's not the only stuff that you can use for that : Dagrecently posted his WiiPresent package he wrote during the last Fosdem (co-authored with Didi) but in my case it's difficult to justify to my kids that 'Daddy has to steal one of your wiimote's because he wants to use it during an OSS presentation' . Advantage of anyRemote is that it's compatible with my Nokia mobile phone so I was interested in testing/using it. It was not available on RPMforge  .. until now ! : i've made a commit to the rpmforge svn yesterday (so expect the packages to appear in some days, when Dag's buildsystem will process them)

People in the meantime who don't want to wait can 'ping' me for the locally built RPMs for CentOS 5 ;-)