While I am/was attending a Zarafa summercamp for professional reasons, I discussed with Florian Haas (from Linbit/DRBD) about newer Heartbeat/Pacemaker packages landing or not in the CentOS Extras repositories (we didn't talk about DRBD itself which is already provided in the Extras repository while newer DRBD packages are actually in the [testing] one). That's true that I've myself not used/deployed heartbeat based cluster the last months (RHCS instead ...) so I didn't follow what happened on the Linux-HA/Pacemaker level. (I was just aware of the fact that Pacemaker was a replacement for the included Cluster Resource Manager within heartbeat 2.x). The actual heartbeat packages in the CentOS Extras repository were being packaged/built by Johnny but I'll probably have a look with Ralph about what we can do. Florian told me that he was using the RPMs built by the Novell/OpenSUSE buildservice. While I was following some interesting talks, I had a quick look to see if their SRPMS could be used 'as-is' and submitted to Mock. Unfortunately no. I (we ?) 'll have to do some cleanups/adjustements within the SPEC file to fit the Mock buildsystem. (OpenSUSE uses someting different of course)

But even if the packages built succesfully , some testing will of course need to be done to see if upgrading from the actual heartbeat 2.1.3 package to 2.99 can be done in a 'smoothly' way ..  More informations to come in (i hope) a near future now that Florian gave me extra-pressure on my shoulders ;-)