I blogged some time ago about getting CentOS 5.1 installed on a dedicated server at Hetzner . Because the r8168 nic was not recognized, you had to remotely setup the box from another linux distro and with some preparation (including preparing a driver disk , etc ..)

I still receive questions about that from people not aware that actually CentOS 5.2 default kernel has the r8169 kmod that works on such chipset (have a look at the CentOS wiki page dedicated to that thread)  . And the other good news is that you don't need to setup first another small distro on the server prior to run the CentOS setup ... Indeed Hetzner has now CentOS 5.2 in their supported distro list .. cool

So don't ask me how to do it now : it's now working Out-Of-The-Box [TM]  :D