I'm used to deploy IBM Director server/agents on IBM hardware to monitor hardware/services .. and surely due to the fact that i work for an IBM business partner and that i give myself the IBM director course for IBM ... ;-)

But there is something really anoying : each time you receive a IBM director cd/iso image (like the 5.20.2 that you can download from the IBM support website), it should normally contains the Linux level 2 agent for each of the supported Linux distributions (aka RHEL 3,4,5 , SLES 9,10 and Vmware esx). You can even integrate such agent in the director console to push it to remote machine (in fact it will do it through ssh ... so be careful if you tuned sshd to accept only specific user/key-based auth ...)

But last time i had to deploy it on CentOS machines (usually a simple change in the /etc/redhat-release file is enough ;-) ) i did it from the director console ... Task was marked as successfully but nothing was installed .. (how the hell could director answer me that it was successfull if it was not the case ?) . Okay, let's do it manually then ... but then i saw that the level2 agent located on the CD (director/agent/linux/i386/FILES/dir5.20.2_agent_linux.sh -x) contained only the RHEL3 and SLES10 RPMS inside ! WTF ?

You can download the full Director Linux agent 2 package on the IBM websiteand that one will contain all the required RPMS ...