I've recently installed a IBM Domino 7 cluster on CentOS 4.5. I used Heartbeat and DRBD for data replication between the two nodes. I first started with a v1 heartbeat cluster style (using haresources) but then i decided to swith to v2 (using crm / cib.xml). The problem is that the init script for domino that i found somewhere on the ibm website didn't answer to the 'service domino status' and was not even returning code ... so when you wanted to move a resource from one node to the other, the domino server was always listed as an unmanaged resources and failed to switch to the other node. So i attach the modified domino init script.

I had also to put a timeout value for the stop operation in the cib.xml. Otherwise heartbeat complained that he had to kill the process itself (domino is slow to stop .... :o)). You can do this by entering the following parameters for the lsb resource :

operations op id="afe9e8fe-bc40-4b3f-b563-9bd70e695ab6" name="stop" timeout="120s" start_delay="0" disabled="false " role="Started" /operations

Hope that this will help someone ... i'll try to write a full doc (centos/heartbeat/drbd) on the wiki very soon ....