As already explained , i needed a kind of blog to write some of my linux experiences down .. that's all folks ...



  • Name: Fabian Arrotin (Arrfab)
  • Date of birth: 27 may 1976
  • Marital Status : Married , 3 children

Work Experience

working as a SysAdmin for the CentOS Project infrastructure

-M-team (14/05/2012 -> 15/11/2014)

Designing the infrastructure around the following products/technologies
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

* CentOS Linux

* IBM Hardware (servers and storage)

Evaluating migration paths for the installed base and minimizing downtime by using automation tools (kickstarts/config management/centralized authentication)

  • Sicli(01/04/2010 -> 11/05/2012)

* Systems Administrator (IBM servers and IBM SAN Storage solutions)
* Operating Systems maintenance (CentOS Linux and Microsoft Windows 2003)
* Network administration : HP Procurve l2/l3 - Vlans
* Virtualization : Citrix XenServer , kvm

  • IBS Technology & Services(15/10/1998 -> 31/03/2010)
    IBS T&S is the Premier IBM Business Partner in Belgium for the iSeries (formerly known as AS400) Platforms.
    I Work in the Networking team on Intel platforms : Designing and implementing solutions that meet the customer's needs. Previously i was implementing mostly Microsoft and Citrix solutions but now i try (and hopefully wins) to convince customers that Linux can bring them what they are waiting for ... : Samba/Ldap as a file and authentication server, Sendmail/IMAP for Mail serving, Squid for secure web browsing, Spamassassin (with plugins) for Anti-Spam, Mailscanner for Anti-Virus mail scanning, Iptables for IP Packets filtering, OpenVPN and Poptop for Secure VPN Access ,DRBD/Heartbeat for HA Linux Clusters, etc ....
    I'm also setting up Hardware solutions like IBM BladeCenters/Servers, Storage solutions (Fiber or iScsi), L2/L3 Switches configuration (HP,Cisco), etc ...

  • Systemat (01/07/1997 -> 14/10/1998)
    I Worked as a Technical consultant in the TIC (Technical Integration Center) : Assembly and Installation of Compaq/IBM/HP Servers and Workstations. Setup of Operating Systems.


  • IPv6 Certification (Level : Sage) : (01/2010)
  • Red Hat Linux Certified Engineer (RHCE) Redhat verification website CertNumber : 804007120924163 (01/2007)
  • IBM Official Instructor (08/2006)
  • Linux Professional Institute Level 1 (LPIC 1) Certified - (12/2003)
  • Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)
    • (03/2002)
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) Windows 2000 - (09/2001)
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) NT 4.0 - (11/1999)
  • Graduate in Accountancy - IESET Tamines (Belgium) - (06/1997)
  • College - Athenee Royal Solvay Charleroi - Latin-Maths-Sciences - (06/1994)


  • Spending time with my wife and my 3 kids ...
  • Spending time on my computer(s) running Linux when my wife and my kids are sleeping .... :o)
  • Contributor to the CentOS project and the RPMforge project (PPC builds)...
  • Listening Blues and Jazz music and Playing the Guitar on one of my electric ones;%20void('');)

Geek Code

Version: 3.12
GB/CM/MU d+ s: a C+++ UL++$ P+ L+++ E---
W+++ N+ o- K- w- O M V- PS PE Y+ PGP++ t 5? X
R- tv- b DI D-- G e++ h---- r+++ y+++

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