Some of my customers are running RHEL 5.x  on ppc64 (IBM Blade JS20/21 , OpenPower, System I or System P) but it was frustrating that RPMForge had no ppc build .  And there is also a plan to release CentOS 5.x for ppc/ppc64 arch. So i decided to rebuild (through Mock) all the RPMForge srpms on a Mac G4 . Packages rebuilt so far are now in testing, and the list can be seen here.

Hope to receive feedback from users using el5 on ppc/ppc64 .. When all srpms will be rebuilt, i plan on (probably) using the G4 to rebuild as well for fc8ppc.

Packages will normally appear on the official RPMForge mirror when everything will be stabilized ... and that can take some time because building on a (old) G4 400Mghz is not that fast ... (hardware donations accepted ;-) )