Speed your yum on CentOS 3.x

Tired of waiting for 'resolving dependencies' on centos 3.x because of yum 2.0 ? Thanks to danieldk, yum-2.4.3 is available for centos 3 , as well as the newer yum-metadata-parser plugin. At the time of writing, it's only available in the [testing] repo, but you can enable it temporary and switch back to normal behaviour once that you've upgraded yum. BTW you'll have to clean up your /etc/yum.conf because newer yum will use CentOS-Base.repo sitting in /etc/yum.repos.d/ and so both centos repositories will be listed twice, which is not a real problem but a little bit annoying though ... My CentOS 3.x boxes now rocks .. :o)

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ODF Plugin for M$ users

Sun decided to release a free ODF plug in for M\$ Office users. Good thing ... usually users had to convert their OpenDocument files into either pdf (which is still the format i use for documents exchange with customers ...) or as a native M\$ office format. Now you can even send your document in odf format and they have no excuses anymore .... :o) . Btw it was also possible that such users install OpenOffice on Windows though ... Here it is :

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a Jabber daemon on CentOS 4.x

I received a request from family members to be able to use Instant Messaging on a private server. I never installed a jabber daemon and if you have a look on you'll see that a lot are existing ... Thanks to X-Tend's people advice i installed (very quickly) OpenFire . It exists already in a RPM format so i didn't have to build it. You can have your own jabberd running in 5 minutes and it has a lot of features, like different kind of authentication, different databases backend, etc .. it even has a plugin to act as a gateway for other IM systems, like IRC, AIM etc .... I was really impressed ... and the Admin console will make gui admins really happy :o)

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When will ATI drivers support Aiglx ?

I've received my new laptop (IBM Thinkpad R60) and this box has an ATI Radeon Mobility X1400 inside ... this card is not even usable by the xorg radeon driver. So i had to chose between using the generic (and included) vesa driver or installing fglrx (ATI driver). The second choice was the way to go it seems, but when you use fglrx, you can not activate 'desktop effects' because fglrx is incompatible with Aiglx (see ) . But it's possible to use Beryl+fglrx through Xgl (and so not Aiglx) on CentOS 5. Xgl is not included but i decided to give it a try and i built it (with beryl as well) for i386 and i've included both rpms in my little repository : .

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FreeNX on CentOS

A lot of people misunderstand how NX/FreeNX works , especially the ssh authentication process ... How can you secure your NX box so that only key-based authentication will occur for the ssh part of it ? I've added some notes about it on the CentOS wiki here :

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Manipulating SCSI devices in the kernel

You've added a scsi disk on a controller and you don't want to restart linux to scan the scsi bus ? Tell the kernel directly that a new scsi device was added .

The previous method was to use the echo command talking to /proc/scsi/scsi : For example , we've added a scsi disk on the first scsi controller (0), on the first channel (0), with a scsi id 4 (4) and on LUN 0 (0) : echo "scsi add-single-device 0 0 4 0" > /proc/scsi/scsi

Now (better and updated solution) : echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan

Check with cat /proc/scsi/scsi that you're able to see the device and use the disk without having to reboot ....

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